3 years ago

About The Coffee Maker

I love Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice Coffee made for Keurig coffee makers. I played around with different dessert recipes, trying to choose the perfect match to go with its flavors. I went with some obvious choices at first: pumpkin cheesecake, pum read more...

3 years ago

Reduce Hot Water Heater Costs

Twenty years ago there probably wasn't much on your deck or patio except a charcoal barbecue and possibly a picnic room table. How times have changed! Now home improvement professionals are coming up with "outdoor rooms" for consumers and typicall read more...

3 years ago

The Dirt Bike Helmets

It's here - finally of July weekend! Get this to year a fantastic time of family and friends "togetherness" as you celebrate our nation's anniversary! Delicious food, patriotic decorations, and fun activities will complete the day.

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